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Daydream Cosmetics

    Daydream Cosmetics was a rejected project turned passion project, using a similar dreamy concept with a completely different brand name. This brand uses soft pastel colors and tones to create the perfect aesthetic to match its brand's ideal mission, vision, and goals. Sedona Designs repurposed its branding, brand collateral, and packaging.



    Brand Development
    Brand Collateral
    - Business Cards
    - Product Labels
    - Packaging
    - Social Media Content Kit

Scope of Work

Daydream Cosmetics started as a project that faced rejection but was eventually transformed into a passionate endeavor. Despite the initial setback, the brand persevered and embraced a dreamy concept, albeit under a different name. By employing soft pastel colors and tones, Daydream Cosmetics successfully created an aesthetic that aligns harmoniously with its mission, vision, and goals. To bring this dreamy vision to life, Sedona Designs skillfully repurposed the brand's branding, brand collateral, and packaging, ensuring that every aspect of Daydream Cosmetics embodied its ideal identity.

Artboard 3.png

The overall brand build for Daydream Cosmetics delivers a sense of soft and delicate aura, almost dreamlike, which aligns perfectly with the name of the brand and what it represents. The core concept of this brand emphasizes the "dream" aspect of their brand through elements relating to this theme are used throughout the branding, including product names, social media taglines and catchphrases, etc.

Their use of soft pastel colors aligns perfectly with the meaning of the brand, giving an airy, dreamlike look and feel of the brand while keeping the professionalism needed to thrive in the beauty industry.

The Execution

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