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Discover new tools and resources that can help you grow your business and ensure that your back end flows seamlessly and with ease.

These resources are handpicked or created by our team to help you fully organize your business so you can show up at your best for your audience.

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Business Tools For Small Businesses


We absolutely love using Wave! We use Wave Accounting as a free accounting and money management platform where we send invoices, process payments, create payroll slips, and perform detailed bank reconciliations. 


We can't live without Clickup! If you're looking to transform how you manage projects, you'll definitely want to have this as part of your systems. We use Clickup to track our client projects and share deliverables.

Honeybook has been an absolute dream to use! With their new Smart Files, we use Honeybook to share proposals, project drafts, contracts, and more - which our clients can always see through their custom client portal.


The OG of sending emails! We use Flodesk to send and interact with our Sedona Society because of how easy it is to use and how professionally beautiful the emails turn out to be. They even just launched Flodesk Checkouts where we've been selling our ebooks on.


Create and customize any type of form with Fillout Forms! We use Fillout to collect all the details for our designs projects, and we love that they are super customizable and allow you to be consistent with your brand's colors and fonts. Plus they have conditional logic with is THE gold in having interactive forms.


Notion is the absolute best! From project management and social media planning to ebook and workbook creations, we love the simplicity of Notion and the fact that we can use it for LITERALLY anything.


One of the best website platforms we've worked with simply because of how easy it is to use -- and it's completely Notion-based. Love that you can edit the website simply from Notion and the edits are live within minutes. Game changer for sure!


Give your employees the flexibility they need with Soldo! They give you the platform you need to manage your business expenses in one place by using designated expense cards. Spending limits, account types, and usage rules can be set to help manage where cards can be used and what funds can be spent on which is super cool! 


This has been an amazing find so far! We use Social Champ to schedule our Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok posts and we especially love that you can their preview feature and their analytics feature. You can even reply to comments from different social media platforms all from inside Social Champ - mindblown.

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