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Flirty Five Podcast

    Flirty Five Podcast is an exciting and dynamic dating podcast that is owned and operated by a diverse group of five engaging speakers. With their combined expertise, unique perspectives, and witty banter, Flirty Five Podcast offers listeners an entertaining and informative exploration of the world of dating.



    Brand Development

Scope of Work

Flirty Five Podcast was a five-speaker-owned dating podcast, using bold and bright styles and elements to create a fun and flirty mood for the brand. The bold use of hot pink colors represents the overall tone of the brand and how they interact with their audience. Sedona Designs completed a full brand development to match their vision.

Artboard 3.png

In creating the branding for Flirty Five, the use of loud, vibrant pink colors pull you in immediately, perfectly aligning with the podcast's overall message. The use of sassy pink tones reflects the general nature of the brand and whom it aims to target: teenagers and young adults in the dating world.

Their use of heart emblems, playful fonts, and bright tones carry their brand's message perfectly and helps them emotionally connect with their audience to make their audience view them as sassy experts in the dating industry.

The Execution

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