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    Skinfinity is a cutting-edge skincare brand that embraces a minimalist approach to design, utilizing clean lines and modern aesthetics to create a captivating and contemporary concept. With a focus on simplicity and elegance, Skinfinity embodies a brand identity that resonates with individuals seeking a fresh and refined skincare experience. By adopting minimal brand styles and elements, Skinfinity aims to communicate the idea that achieving healthy and radiant skin doesn't need to be overly complicated or cluttered with unnecessary steps or products. Instead, they promote a streamlined approach to skincare that prioritizes essential ingredients and efficient routines.



    Brand Development
    Brand Collateral
    - Product Labels
    - Packaging
    - Social Media Content Kit

Scope of Work

Skinfinity is a skincare brand design, using minimal brand styles and elements to create a clean, modern concept. The use of pale green colors emphasizes the all-natural and organic nature of the brand, building a steady foundation for the brand's values, voice, and vision. Sedona Designs completed its branding and packaging designs.

Artboard 3.png

In creating the branding for Skinfinity, the use of minimalism aligns perfectly with their brand's vision and voice. The use of simplistic designs and the concept of "less is more" in their brand strategy builds on their values of clean, organic, all-natural products that will help them in their offering of quality skincare products to their customers.

Their use of light tones and simple packaging helps them deliver a strong message that will resonate with their ideal audience and allows them to strive in the beauty industry.

The Execution

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