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Velvet Blvck

    Velvet Blvck is an exquisite black-owned luxury jewelry brand that epitomizes elegance and sophistication. With a dedication to craftsmanship and a passion for creating timeless pieces, Velvet Blvck offers a stunning range of high-quality jewelry options for both men and women. As a black-owned brand, Velvet Blvck embraces its cultural heritage and strives to create jewelry that celebrates diversity and inclusivity. They aim to embrace diversity, provide exceptional customer service, and adhere to ethical practices as a true embodiment of luxury and style.



    Brand Development
    Shopify Website Development
    Brand Collateral
    - Business Cards
    - Email Campaigns
    - Social Media Campaigns

Scope of Work

Velvet Blvck is a black-owned luxury jewelry brand that offers high-quality jewelry options to men and women. They wanted to present an aura of luxury to match their brand vision and appeal to their target audience. Sedona Designs assisted in the overall brand name and creative strategy behind the brand before creating its branding, brand collateral, and website.

Artboard 3.png

In building a luxury brand like Velvet Blvck, the overall thought process was to deliver a lavish, high-end experience for the customer in every way possible so that they could grasp the ideals of luxury at every brand touchpoint.

The ultimate goal was for their customers to fully understand and appreciate the concept of luxury, which is the core foundation of the brand. Emphasis was placed on showcasing an exclusive lifestyle through every aspect of the brand.​

The use of a monochrome color palette and serif font style brings together the message of sophistication, glamour, exclusivity, and trustworthiness, and these ideals have been used throughout the course of building the brand, including the brand collateral, digital graphics, website design.

The Execution

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