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We VIP: Kranium

    Los Reyes Entertainment is a premier event management company dedicated to curating exceptional experiences and unforgettable moments. With a passion for bringing top-tier entertainment to audiences, Los Reyes Entertainment specializes in organizing and hosting remarkable concerts, festivals, and cultural events. With a commitment to excellence and a keen understanding of the industry, they strive to create upscale and immersive experiences that leave a lasting impression on attendees.



    Event Strategy
    Brand Collateral
    - Main Event Flyer
    - Supporting Event Flyers
    - Motion Flyer Design
    - Event Ticket Design

Scope of Work

Our client, Los Reyes Entertainment hosted their first huge concert "We VIP" with dancehall artist, Kranium, headlining the show in Halifax. The team wanted to create an upscale experience for their attendees in an effort to leave a positive first impression on their attendees. We provided them with high-quality graphics that they used to successfully promote their event and, from their original inquiry to us for revamping their poster, they noticed a huge spike in their ticket sales and engagement on social media.

Artboard 3.png

With their vision in mind, we dedicated our expertise and creativity to design a visually stunning and engaging poster that accurately reflected the essence of the "We VIP" concert. We incorporated sleek and sophisticated graphics, elegant typography, and captivating imagery of the headlining artist, Kranium, known for his energetic dancehall performances. The result was a visually striking promotional material that effectively conveyed the upscale nature of the event and captured the attention of the target audience.

Upon implementing our revamped poster in their marketing campaign, Los Reyes Entertainment immediately observed a remarkable surge in ticket sales and heightened engagement on social media platforms. The high-quality graphics we provided played a pivotal role in attracting potential attendees, instilling a sense of excitement and exclusivity associated with the concert. The captivating visuals conveyed the overall atmosphere and caliber of the event, leaving a positive first impression on viewers and creating a buzz within the local community.

The Execution

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